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It’s hard to believe, but there are now more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, which are all generating new content. Of that billion, more than 350 million of those sites are powered by WordPress.

As large as these site numbers are, it’s still really just a small glimpse of the big picture. By this, we mean it’s also important to realize that every one of these sites is powered through various levels of web hosting and data storage centers around the world.

And just like every website, ecommerce store and WordPress site is different, so are the hosting needs associated with them. This is why there is a never ending need and demand for new hosting services that continually try to one-up another in terms of service, features and pricing.

One of the most recent names getting attention in the world of web hosting, is Rocket, which we will be taking a thorough look at today.

Rocket Web Hosting for WordPress-Powered Site

Web hosting is no longer just web hosting. Instead, it’s all about finding the right web hosting that caters to the needs of your business and the solution or CMS it’s run on. This is true for ecommerce sites, blogs, forums, applications and more.

Rocket is a web hosting solution that is focused specifically on WordPress powered sites.

The team over at Rocket also has quite a thorough history in the world of web hosting, and have previously worked with many of the big names you are already familiar with in the hosting industry.

The team over at Rocket consist of Ben, Aaron and Josip, whom you can learn more about through their About Us page.

With all of this in mind, these guys all knew how competitive the world of web hosting is, so for them to come together and create a solution of their own, it had to be special.

Rocket Hosting and Features

When looking at different WordPress hosting solutions on the internet today, they usually fall into three different groups.


  • Upper tier for big brand and business sites with a lot of traffic


  • Middle range for sites owners and bloggers with good traffic and hosting intelligence
  • Lower end of shared hosting plans for under $5 a month.



Each of these tiers are catered to specific audiences, site owner needs and budgets. There is nothing wrong with being in one or the other, it’s simply a matter of what audience you want to cater to, while also building an effective business solution.

I would say that Rocket fits nicely in the middle range, simply because they seem to cater to the average site owner that knows what they need to power their site, but are also looking for a dedicated hosting solution that is reliable and provides the necessary tools and features the smaller guys often don’t. 

Such features offered by Rocket include Free SSL Certificates, Website Firewalls, Full Page Caching, Automated Updates, 200+ Edge Locations and Automated Backups.

Even with just these features in place, Rocket is already ahead of the competition in terms of features and benefits offered to their customers.

However, to really appreciate the experience of being a Rocket hosting customer, is to access their beautiful backend user dashboard and walk through the process of adding new WordPress sites to their platform.

After signing up for an account on their site, you will have instant access to their Dashboard area, which makes it extremely easy to view everything in your hosting account at a glance.

Without clicking through different areas of your account, users can easily see how many sites they have set up, visitors to those sites, and the amount of disk space and bandwidth being used.

How to Start a WordPress Site Using Rocket

Since Rocket is an all-in-one Managed WordPress Hosting platform built for WordPress Websites of all sizes, the process of setting up a new domain and WP site should be quite simple, right? Well… it is!

STEP 1 – Create New Site

The first step in the process is to click the blue “CREATE SITE” button that you will see in the main dashboard area. (see screenshot above).

Next, you can fill in the domain name you will be using for your site, along with selecting the time zone that fits where you live. Then click the “CONTINUE” button.

STEP 2 – WordPress Site Details

Now it’s time to fill in your WordPress Information, which consists of the basic account information like your username, password, email address and language.

The option is also there to include Multi-site Support and WooCommerce.

When finished, you can click on the “CONTINUE” button.

STEP 3 – Ready to Go Live!

After completing the process, you will then be sent to your Dashboard area again, but for the new site account that was just set up.

From here, you can then click on the “GET STARTED” button in the “Ready to Go Live!” section.

Now it’s time to complete the site setup process, which will walk you through a simple three-step process of adding your domain, configuring SSL and updating your name server DNS.

No matter if it’s your first time or 1,000th time going through this process, Rocket makes it all quite simple, and visually appealing!

Once all of this is done, your new WordPress site will be live and you can log in with the account details you requested while setting this site up.

Rocket WordPress Hosting Costs

Now, if you remember back at the beginning of the article we discussed how web hosting solutions can be placed into three different areas. Costs are a big factor in this placement decision as well

Rocket definitely doesn’t fall into the lowest tier, as they offer superior hosting, features and an amazing user interface… but they also don’t have the super cheap hosting for just a few dollars per month as well. But, they also don’t have the astronomical prices that you might see from other hosting solutions that cater to big businesses and ecommerce sites, which likely don’t even include all of the features that Rocket does.

With all of that being said, Rocket has hosting plans that start as low as $25 per month, and scale up to $166 per month depending on your site hosting needs. Plans scale in price while catering to how many sites you want to set up, and your monthly traffic and storage limits.

* Rocket hosting is currently offering a launch special where new customers will get their first month of hosting for just $1!

All plans come with the super-easy WordPress install process we went through earlier, while also having Free SSL, CDN and WAF in place.

Rocket Web Hosting Support 

Few things are more annoying than signing up to a new web hosting solution and then getting lost in the process or not being able to get in touch with anyone.

This isn’t going to be the case with Rocket, as they have plenty of support tools and resources to help you along the way.

Support methods offered through Rocket include email/support tickets, announcements through their blog, a Knowledge Base loaded with frequently asked questions, network status and Live Chat offered on the bottom right of the site — which is also super fast!

Simple, Fast, & Secure WordPress Hosting by Rocket

If you already have a website or blog, or are looking to get started with one for the first time, one of the most draining parts of the process is choosing what web hosting solution to go with.

During this time, one of the biggest deciding factors will likely be the cost of the hosting plans you come across. We aren’t going to tell you directly whom or who not to go with, but there is a reason why some hosting plans are just a few dollars per month.

However, with the web hosting industry being more competitive than ever before, it is extremely important for each solution to provide the best service, support and experience possible — and from what we’ve seen from Rocket, they are doing an excellent job.

When it comes time to re-up your existing hosting plan or if you are in the market for a new solution or simply looking to get your first site up and running, be sure to give Rocket a try and see what they can do for your site hosting and management experience.

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